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ecem can
ecem can
Thrilling jet ski ride in Alanya! Unforgettable fun. I recommend it💫
gülçin şimşek
gülçin şimşek
Soaring high with parasailing in Alanya! Incredible views. Highly recommended.
Bilge Arslan
Bilge Arslan
I found them thanks to Alanya blog page. happy to find since there are so much information about Alanya, restaurants, bars and also very good tours.
arash takhayori
arash takhayori
مکان زیبا پرسنل خوب سرویس عالی. حتما اگر از آلانیا دیدن کردید این مکان را به شما توصیه میکنم. همه چیز عالی. ممنون🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Ugurcan Sisman
Ugurcan Sisman
Activitiy was well organized on time as per schedule. Friendly people you can contact by whatsapp. I highly recommend👌
Excellent service. friendly staff and great company! ❤️
Harun Günay
Harun Günay
he was online any time and answered very quickly. prices are good
Baran Yılmaz
Baran Yılmaz
spent quality time and affordable tours👍🏼
Our responsive and knowledgeable customer support team has a 98% satisfaction rate, providing assistance and answering queries promptly.
Over 500 satisfied customers have experienced our top-notch jetski rentals.
We have a 4.8 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating based on more than 200 reviews.
With an average of 300 jetski rentals per month, we are the go-to choice for thrilling water adventures in Alanya.
Our repeat customer rate stands at an impressive 60%, a testament to the quality of our jetski rental services.
Our jetski fleet consists of 20 modern and well-maintained watercraft, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable rental experience for every customer.

Most-Asked Questions

What’s the difference between parasailing and paragliding?2023-08-13T16:33:32+03:00

Parasailing involves being towed by a boat, while paragliding involves free-flying using a parachute-like wing.

How high is the Parasailing in Alanya?2023-08-13T16:33:05+03:00

You’ll ascend to heights of up to 100 meters, providing you with stunning aerial views of the area.

Is Parasailing in Alanya safe?2023-08-13T16:31:35+03:00

Absolutely! Our experienced team follows strict safety protocols, and all equipment is regularly inspected and maintained.

Are there affordable scuba diving trips available in Alanya?2023-07-21T15:30:40+03:00

Yes, the prices for scuba diving trips are the same for all customers in Alanya. The cost may vary slightly from city to city, but we strive to offer affordable and competitive prices to make scuba diving accessible to all enthusiasts.

Are there scuba diving resorts and packages available in Alanya?2023-07-21T15:30:19+03:00

Currently, there are no specific scuba diving resorts and packages in Alanya. However, we do provide hotel transfers for divers, ensuring convenience and ease of access to the diving locations.

Are the scuba diving tours in Alanya family-friendly?2023-07-21T15:30:00+03:00

Yes, all scuba diving tours in Alanya are family-friendly. The boats used for the tours are of medium size, and we have a person limit to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

What is the best time for scuba diving in Alanya?2023-07-21T15:29:35+03:00

The best time for scuba diving in Alanya is during the warmer months, from late spring to early autumn. This period offers comfortable water temperatures, clearer visibility, and calmer seas, ensuring an enjoyable and safe diving experience.

How do I book a sunset jet ski ride in Alanya?2023-07-19T10:34:30+03:00

Just mention “sunset” during our conversation, and we will make a reservation for you at the best spot to witness the sunset.

Can I combine jet skiing with other water activities in Alanya?2023-07-19T10:34:15+03:00

Yes, you can also engage in other water sports. Additionally, we will offer you a discount for combining activities.

Are jet ski rentals available on all beaches in Alanya?2023-07-19T10:33:53+03:00

Yes, it is possible, but considering the service, quality, and price, we offer the best deal.

Can I book a jet ski tour for a group in Alanya?2023-07-19T10:33:37+03:00

Most rental points have two jet skis available, allowing a total of 4 people to ride. However, with prior notice, an extra jet ski can be arranged, allowing more than 4 people to ride together.

What are the most popular jet ski tour routes in Alanya?2023-07-19T10:33:25+03:00

Alanya has two different coastlines, separated by the castle in the middle. Therefore, the jet ski ride will differ depending on which side of the castle you choose, and the routes will vary. However, the most popular routes are usually towards the coastlines from the city to the castle.

How much does it cost to rent a jet ski in Alanya?2023-07-19T10:33:07+03:00

The cost depends on the duration and number of people. Prices start at $60 for 15 minutes.

Where can I rent a jet ski in Alanya?2023-07-19T10:32:53+03:00

You can rent jet skis at various points along the coastline in Alanya. Each place will offer different prices and services. Additionally, the quality and age of the jet skis may vary. We can provide you with the best price and highest quality service.

What is the cost of the Alanya Boat Tour?2023-07-13T16:35:32+03:00

The cost of the Alanya Boat Tour may vary depending on the tour operator and package. It’s best to check with the specific date for the current pricing information.


Is the Alanya Boat Tour suitable for children and families?2023-07-13T16:35:45+03:00

Yes, the Alanya Boat Tour is suitable for children and families. It offers a family-friendly atmosphere with various activities and amenities onboard.


Are there swimming stops during the alanya boat tour?2023-07-13T16:36:06+03:00

Yes, there are usually swimming stops included in the Alanya Boat Tour where you can take a refreshing dip in the sea.


How long does the Alanya Boat Tour last?2023-07-13T16:36:20+03:00

The duration of the Alanya Boat Tour is usually a full day, lasting approximately 5 hours.


What is included in the Alanya Boat Tour package?2023-07-13T16:36:32+03:00

The Alanya Boat Tour package typically includes an English-speaking crew, lunch (fish or chicken, pasta, salad), hotel transfers, and unlimited soft drinks.


Are mixed-gender Alanya hamam sessions available?2023-07-13T16:37:29+03:00

Traditionally, hamams have separate sections for men and women. However, some hamams offer mixed-gender or couples’ sessions. If you prefer a specific type of session, let us know.


How long does a typical alanya hamam session last?2023-07-13T16:37:54+03:00

A alanya hamam session can vary in duration depending on the package or services you choose. On average, a complete hamam experience can range from 2 to 3 hours, including the steam, scrubbing, massage, and relaxation time.

Can I bring my own soap or skincare products?2023-07-13T16:38:42+03:00

Most hamams provide traditional soap and skincare products as part of the experience. However, if you have sensitive skin or prefer to use your own products, it is generally acceptable to bring your own.

What should I wear in Alanya hamam?2023-07-13T16:39:08+03:00

It is customary to wear a towel or a pestemal, a traditional Turkish cotton wrap, provided by the hamam. It is recommended to bring a spare set of underwear and a change of clothes for after the hamam session.

What should I wear for Alanya paragliding?2023-07-13T16:39:44+03:00

We advise dressing comfortably in outdoor activity, such as athletic or sportswear. For your safety, closed-toe shoes are necessary. Additionally, it’s a good idea to pack a lightweight jacket or layers, as the weather can change while the flight is in progress. Also Don’t forget to carry sunglasses and sunscreen.

Are there any weight restrictions for paragliding in Alanya?2023-07-08T14:26:03+03:00

Yes, paragliding in Alanya has weight limits. Depending on the capability of the equipment and safety standards, the maximum weight limit may change. To ensure a safe and comfortable experience, it’s crucial to let us know your weight when making a reservation.

What is the age limit for paragliding in Alanya?2023-07-13T16:40:48+03:00

The minimum age requirement for paragliding in Alanya is typically 16 years old. However, certain restrictions may apply based on individual weight and physical condition. It’s best to check with our team for specific age requirements.

Is paragliding in Alanya suitable for beginners?2023-07-13T16:41:40+03:00

Absolutely! We provide lessons for paragliding in Alanya that are appropriate for novices. All participants will experience a safe and fun flight thanks to the full training and direction provided by our knowledgeable instructors.

Can I change duration for my alanya jet ski experience?2023-07-13T16:42:46+03:00

Yes, absolutely! We understand that some visitors may prefer a longer Alanya jet ski experience. We offer flexible options to cater to individual preferences, including a 20-minute jet ski ride.

Can I bring my own camera or GoPro on the alanya jet ski?2023-07-13T16:44:26+03:00

We regret any inconvenience, but we cannot allow personal cameras or GoPros on our Alanya jet ski tours. Your safety is our top priority, so we advise keeping any personal electronics at home. High-quality pictures and films of your excursion will be taken by our experienced staff and sold as an add-on. Let us take care of protecting those priceless memories for you as you sit back and unwind.

Is it worth Alanya Tours the price?2023-07-13T16:45:41+03:00

We make sure that every detail of the alanya tours is carefully chosen to give you a memorable and enlightening experience. We guarantee that your time will be well spent on our tours!

How knowledgeable and experienced the Alanya tour guides?2023-07-13T16:47:38+03:00

Our Alanya tour guides have a strong interest you visit and also knowledge of history, culture, on tourist attractions. They also speak several languages well. They are not only knowledgeable about the historical and cultural.

What is Alanya best known for?2023-07-13T16:48:17+03:00

The Turkish Riviera city of Alanya is well known for its historical sites and beautiful beaches. The magnificent Alanya Castle, Alanya Red Tower, and Alanya Shipyard are among the attractions. Nature lovers can visit the Damlataş Caves and take in Kleopatra Beach. Family-friendly entertainment can be found at many place across city while the city’s lighthouse and marina provide picturesque views. You can visit Alanyum Centrum for dining and shopping. A place like Alanya smoothly combines ancient architecture, breathtaking scenery, and cutting-edge attractions.

Do I need a license to rent jet ski?2023-07-13T16:50:58+03:00

No driving license is required to rent jet ski Alanya. However, the specific licensing requirements may vary by location. While some areas may require a boating license or a specific jet ski license, please contact our staff to get detailed information about the licensing requirements in your area.

Can you accommodate group travel or special event in Alanya?2023-07-13T16:51:44+03:00

Absolutely! We love catering to groups and creating memorable experiences. Whether you’re planning a group tour or any other special event. We’re here to help! We can coordinate to meet your specific needs. Let us make your group travel or special event in Alanya unforgettable.

How can you help me plan a tour in Alanya?2023-07-06T10:03:38+03:00

We’re here to take the stress out of trip planning. Our team assist you in creating a itinerary that matches your preferences and interests. We’ll recommend the top Alanya tours and activities based on your desires and provide valuable travel advice. Our goal is make your trip to Alanya is seamless and enjoyable.

What are the best activities in Alanya?2023-07-13T16:52:49+03:00

As Alanya Tours and Excursions, we offer a wide range of services to make your trip unforgettable. We provide various tour options, including classical tours of Alanya’s historical landmarks, exciting boat tours, thrilling jeep safaris, and more. We help you discover the best activities and things to do in Alanya.

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