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Please note that the availability of these brands may change over time, so it’s always a good idea to check for the latest information and reviews when looking for local burger options in Alanya. Enjoy your burger adventures!

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Alanya Vegan Food & Best in Town

Çiğköfte is a traditional flavor of Turkish cuisine and is especially popular in the Southeast Anatolian Region. The word “raw” refers to the use of ground meat and spices, which are the main ingredients of the dish, without cooking. Çiğköfte is mainly prepared by kneading ingredients such as fine bulgur, finely ground red pepper paste, onion, tomato paste, spices and pomegranate syrup.

Traditional Çiğköfte is made by kneading fine bulgur instead of ground beef. While the ingredients are being kneaded, the kneading process ensures that the bulgur becomes thick and turns into a delicious texture. During the kneading process, Çiğköfte is kneaded carefully and for a long time on the kneading board.

Çiğköfte is often served wrapped in lavash bread or wrapped in lettuce leaves. It is usually consumed by squeezing pomegranate syrup or adding lemon slices. It has a slightly bitter flavor unique to Çiğköfte, and this bitterness is considered by some to be a very popular feature.

The traditional Çiğköfte recipe has been handed down from generation to generation by families for years, and varieties with different flavors can be found in various regions. There are also vegetarian or vegan types of raw meatballs, which are prepared with different ingredients and made with vegetables instead of meat.

Çiğköfte is a snack or main dish that is often preferred especially in social events, picnics, celebrations and special occasions. If you are in Turkey or in Turkish restaurants, I definitely recommend you to try this unique flavor. Enjoy your meal!

Alanya Çiğköfte

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Cafés and Bakeries

In Turkey, you’ll find charming cafes and bakeries that serve delightful local Turkish tea. These establishments, often referred to as “çay bahçesi” (tea gardens) or “pastane” (bakery), offer a warm and inviting ambiance where people gather to socialize, relax, and enjoy their tea.

Turkish tea, known as “çay,” is an essential part of Turkish culture and hospitality. It is typically served in small, tulip-shaped glasses, and it’s common to see locals sipping on it throughout the day. The tea is brewed using two stacked kettles – one containing boiling water, and the other holding loose black tea leaves. The hot water is poured over the tea leaves, allowing the tea to steep slowly and develop its distinct flavor.

When visiting a local cafe or bakery, you can pair your tea with a variety of delicious pastries, such as “simit” (sesame-covered bread rings), “pogaca” (savory pastry), or “baklava” (sweet, layered pastry with nuts and syrup). These treats perfectly complement the tea-drinking experience and add to the overall enjoyment.

The atmosphere at these cafes and bakeries is lively and inviting, often filled with lively conversations and laughter. It’s an excellent way to immerse yourself in Turkish culture and connect with the locals. So, if you find yourself in Turkey, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the joy of local Turkish tea at one of these charming establishments.

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