Alanya Shopping Mall

Alanyum Shopping and Entertainment Center: Located in the center, it offers a wide range of brands including clothes, tech, daily needs, and more. 🛍️✨

We have discovered the ideal location for our firm after careful consideration and in-depth market research. Previously ignored and unoccupied, this area has been transformed into a flourishing center of well-known businesses and intriguing chances. They are proud to have brought well-known figures to Alanya, like CARREFOUR, TEKNOSA, BOYNER, and many others. Our success has not only won us praise from the neighborhood but also disproved the doubts of those who are interested in business. Join us as we celebrate the resurgence of Alanya’s retail industry and the benefits it gives to our cherished city.

Alanya Mall

Metro Market: A wholesale shopping destination in the center offering food, drink, tech, and even furniture. 🛒🍴

Discover the best of Turkish cuisine with Metro. As an international retail company, we are proud to promote and preserve Turkish kitchen culture. With quality products and innovative solutions, we contribute to the country’s economic growth. Join us on a culinary journey and experience the authentic flavors of Turkey.

Alanya Shopping Center

Turkey’s low costs represent an outstanding value. With a price level index that is 61.39 percent lower than the EU average, Turkey is now positioned as the 10th cheapest nation in Europe. As a result, Turkey is a shoppers’ paradise, offering a huge selection of goods at unbeatable costs. Turkey offers a varied shopping experience that appeals to all interests and budgets, from lively bazaars and bustling markets to contemporary retail malls and shops. You’ll be astounded by the quality and value of the goods, whether you’re seeking for clothing, gadgets, home décor, or traditional Turkish crafts. So while experiencing Turkey’s bustling shopping scene, make the most of your budget!

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Alanya Shopping Local Bazaar

Alanya Shopping Local Bazaar

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Local Bazaars: Visit the local bazaars in various locations in Alanya:

  • Alanya Textile Market (Alanya Tekstil Pazari) – Saray Neighborhood, Yakar Street, next to Eşkilik, Merkez, Alanya
  • Alanya Vegetable Market (Alanya Sebze Pazari) – Saray Neighborhood, Pelitlik Street, next to Ucuz Halk Pazarı, Merkez, Alanya
  • Alanya Sunday Market (Alanya Turkler Pazari) – Akdam Road, across from Jasmin Hotel, Turkler, Alanya

Alanya Outlet Center

Neva Outlet: With locations in the center of Alanya, Konaklı, Payallar, Okurcalar, and Türkler, it offers discounted shopping options. Discover the excitement of Neva Outlet, where you may look for prestigious brands at unbelievable prices. Discover a wide range of apparel, accessories, cosmetics, and home décor. With your loved ones, choose high-quality items and create special shopping experiences. They promise a delightful shopping experience that goes above and beyond your expectations with their selection of more than 60 domestic and foreign brands. 👜💰

Explore the vibrant shopping scene in Alanya and indulge in a unique shopping experience. Happy shopping! 💃🛍️