What happens if I return the rental car late?

Returning the rental car late or exceeding the agreed-upon mileage limit may result in additional charges. Most rental car companies have specific policies and fees for late returns and mileage overages. It's important to review the rental agreement and understand the terms and conditions related to returns and mileage limits. If you anticipate any changes to your rental duration or mileage, it's advisable to contact the rental car company in advance to discuss possible alternatives or adjustments.

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What should I do in case of an accident rental car in Alanya?

In case of an accident or breakdown while using a rental car in Alanya, it's important to contact the rental car company immediately. They will provide guidance on the necessary steps to take, such as contacting the local authorities, arranging for a replacement vehicle, or providing roadside assistance. It's crucial to follow the rental car company's instructions and report any damages or incidents promptly to ensure a smooth resolution.

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How can I find the best discounts on car rentals in Alanya?

To find the best deals and discounts on car rentals in Alanya, it's recommended to compare prices and offerings from different rental car companies. Online travel agencies, car rental comparison websites, and directly booking with the rental car company's website are common ways to find competitive rates. Additionally, signing up for loyalty programs or newsletters of rental car companies may provide access to exclusive deals and promotions.  

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Are there any additional fees when renting car in Alanya?

There may be additional fees or charges when renting a car in Alanya. These can include insurance fees, fuel charges, airport surcharges, and additional driver fees, among others. It's important to carefully review the rental agreement and ask the rental car company about any potential additional fees before finalizing your reservation.

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What are the age requirements for renting car in Alanya?

The age requirements for renting a car in Alanya may vary among rental car companies. Typically, you need to be at least 21 or 25 years old with a valid driver's license. However, some companies may have specific age restrictions or require an additional fee for drivers under a certain age. It's advisable to check with the rental car company for their specific age requirements.

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