Alanya Parasailing


Alanya Parasailing where you’ll have the chance to soar above the stunning Turkish coastline and experience breathtaking views from high above.


Parasailing is an exciting water sport that combines the exhilaration of flying with the serenity of being by the sea. As you’re harnessed to a specially designed parachute, you’ll be lifted into the air by a powerful boat, allowing you to experience a unique perspective of Alanya’s coastline and crystal-clear waters.

Parasailing Locations

  • Alanya Parasailing
  • Side Parasailing
  • Konaklı Parasailing
  • Kemer Parasailing
  • Lara Parasailing
  • Antalya Parasailing

Included in Price:

  • 10-minute parasailing experience per person
  • 30 minutes of total tour duration
  • Breathtaking aerial views of Alanya’s coastline and the Mediterranean Sea
  • Professional guidance and assistance from experienced instructors
  • Top-notch safety equipment and adherence to strict safety standards

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Alanya Parasailing, Side Parasailing, Konaklı Parasailing, Kemer Parasailing, Lara Parasailing, Antalya Parasailing

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