Alanya Castle

Step back in time and explore the historic Alanya Castle. 🏰🌿

Two Dives Lunch Free Scuba Diving Tour in Alanya Tomorrow at 8 AM

Table of Contents: Introduction Alanya Scuba Diving: An Overview The Dive Experience Diving Locations Underwater Wonders Exploring Alanya's Maritime Heritage Alanya Castle Red Tower Life Below the Surface Underwater Life Marine Life Setting Sail on the Dive Boat Dive Boat Features Diving Equipments Inclusive Elements of the Tour Lunch Inclusion Transfer Inclusion The Dive Experience: A Closer Look Experienced Dive Instructors Duration of Dive Price Structure and Inclusions Pricing Details Insurance Coverage Underwater Memories Drinks and Photography Conclusion: Unveiling the Depths FAQs: Your Queries Answered   Introduction Welcome to the thrilling world of scuba diving in Alanya! Imagine embarking on [...]

Tours in Alanya: Top Tourist Attractions & Activities

Discover the best Alanya attractions and activities with our comprehensive guide. Plan your day trips, find fun things to do, and book top-rated tours in Alanya! Alanya Tourist Attractions See Tickets (İçkale) Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Alanya Best Things To Do in Alanya Discover the Best Things To Do [...]

Alanya Top Tours and Activities for an Unforgettable Trip

Explore Alanya Top Tours Discover the best tours and activities in Alanya. From historical sights to great outdoor adventures, we have something for everyone on their holiday. There are numerous activities and excursions to consider while organizing a trip to Alanya. How will you spend your time in this lovely resort town on the Turkish Riviera? To assist you, we've compiled a list of the best tours and activities for an enjoyable trip to Alanya. There's something for everyone, from seeing the ancient castle and learning about its history to taking a yacht cruise down [...]

Alanya Castle & Red Tower: History, Views & Attractions 🗼🏰

With its Hellenistic foundations, Alanya Castle stands tall on a 250-meter high peninsular, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Once a Seljuk ruin, this historic marvel holds tales of conquest, development, and architectural brilliance. Join us as we delve into the captivating history and alluring attractions of Alanya Castle and its famous Red Tower, uncovering the hidden gems of this remarkable destination. Alanya Castle: A Testament to Seljuk Heritage Immerse yourself in Alanya Castle's historical beauty, a Seljuk masterpiece. The castle, which was originally built with Hellenistic characteristics, has undergone revolutionary changes over the ages. Seljuk sultan [...]

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