Comprehensive Alanya City Tour


Comprehensive City Tour Guide Discover the Charm of Alanya in One Day Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure that will take you through the captivating beauty and rich history of Alanya? Join us on the Alanya City Tour, where you'll explore breathtaking landscapes, ancient architecture, and vibrant culture all in one day. From the stunning Cleopatra Beach to the historic Alanya Castle, this beginner's guide will walk you through the highlights, practical details, and everything you need to know for an amazing Alanya experience. Experience the ultimate adventure in just one day as you explore [...]

Alanya Parasailing


Alanya Parasailing Parasailing in Alanya Parasailing is an exciting water sport that combines the exhilaration of flying with the serenity of being by the sea. As you're harnessed to a specially designed parachute, you'll be lifted into the air by a powerful boat, allowing you to experience a unique perspective of Alanya's coastline and crystal-clear waters. Best Alanya Parasailing Elevate your Alanya visit with our "Best Alanya Parasailing" adventure. Witness city and castle views as you glide above the coastline. Experience the history and beauty of Alanya Castle from a [...]

Alanya Boat Tour


Alanya Boat Tour: Experience the Magic of the Mediterranean ⛵🌊 Our Alanya Boat Tour will take you on an exciting trip. Discover the spectacular splendor of the Mediterranean coast while sailing on a wooden boat, basking in the sun, and immersing yourself in Alanya's rich history and natural beauties. This full-day boat excursion combines leisure, sightseeing, and exciting activities for an unforgettable experience. The Alanya Boat Tour was an incredible experience that left us with unforgettable memories. As we embarked on the tour, we were delighted to spot two turtles along the way, although they were [...]

Alanya Scuba Diving & Snorkeling


Come, Experience Alanya Scuba Diving Scuba Diving in Alanya: An Adventure Below the Surface Alanya, situated along the picturesque southern coast of Turkey, has emerged as a captivating diving destination,  underwater enthusiasts from around the world. The crystal-clear waters of Alanya provide excellent visibility, making it an ideal spot for both beginner divers. Divers exploring Alanya's depths are greeted by a kaleidoscope of marine biodiversity. Alanya also caters to divers of all levels. Numerous diving centers and operators provide professional guidance and certification courses. Dive Destinations [...]

Alanya Hamam Turkish Bath


Enjoy the ritual of Turkish bathing The Alanya Turkish Bath, commonly referred to as a hamam, is a tranquil hideaway where you may fully enjoy the ritual of Turkish bathing. As you enter our exquisitely built bathhouse, you will find yourself in a tranquil sanctuary of tranquility. The adventure starts with a steam session in the warm, marble-filled chamber, where you can let the mild heat help you detoxify your body and open pores. After that, you'll have a kese, an energizing full-body scrub that will cleanse and exfoliate your skin, leaving it smooth and luminous. Our Alanya [...]

Alanya Paragliding


Paragliding in Alanya Experience the exhilaration of paragliding in Alanya and soar through the air while taking in the wonderful grandeur of this breathtaking location. You'll experience the utmost freedom and excitement on our paragliding adventure as you take in panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, golden beaches, and the stunning terrain of Alanya. Our staff of qualified and competent paragliding instructors will provide educated leadership throughout your trip because your safety is our top priority. Your tandem paragliding adventure in Alanya will be safe and unforgettable because you'll be safely fastened to an experienced pilot. [...]

Alanya Jet Ski


Surfing the Breathtaking Coastline Experience the thrill of Alanya jet ski rides as you surf along the breathtaking coastline, feeling the rush of excitement like never before! Embark on a unique journey, where thrilling adventures meet the beauty of a Mediterranean paradise. Our Alanya jet ski tours are designed for thrill-seekers and watersports enthusiasts, ensuring maximum enjoyment in this vibrant Turkish location. With experienced instructors by your side, whether you're a beginner or an expert rider, you'll have a safe and amazing water experience. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! Alanya is a fascinating coastal town [...]

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